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Kulikov M. M.
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Assistant professor
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South-Russia State Polytechnical University (NPI) named after M. I. Platov,
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Kulikov M. M.,
Cycle theory and economic development in Russia
08.00.05 Economics and Management of National Economy
Issue: Issue 1
Опубликовано: 06.03.2017
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The essence of cyclical development of the economy, types and stages of the cycle is considered. The reasons of cyclicity and the influence of cycle of processes in the economy are identified. The characteristics and duration of long Kondratyev cycles are considered. The main technologies that characterize the fourth, the fifth and the sixth Kondratyev cycles are described. The main features of the sixth Kondratyev cycle and the changes that will occur in the global economy during it are evaluated. The main aspects of the development of the Russian economy since 1991 are identified. The reasons for the growth, the recession and the measures that the government should implement to promote economic development in the Russian Federation are shown. Target and conservative forecasts for the Russian economy for the period of 2016—2018 are presented. On the basis of the analysis the directions which will help to accelerate the rates of Russia's economic growth due to the start of the sixth Kondratyev cycle are suggested.

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