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Kostjukova S.N.,
The development of break-even analysis activities of bulding organizations in the context of author's concept of measurement of factors of time — T (TIME) and speed — S (SPEED)
08.00.13 Mathematical and instrumental methods of economics
Issue: Issue 1
Опубликовано: 06.03.2017
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The development of the analysis of break-even activity of the building organizations through the development and implementation of the author's concept of measuring time factors — T (time), and velocity — S (speed) into the management practice of investors is proposed. The economic content of the concept of “break-even activity of building organizations” is clarified. A new feature of the classification of building companies is given, depending on how fast they reach the break-even activity conditions. The latter allows to justify the appropriateness of the choice of the most efficient contractor based on the ranking of building companies, in accordance with the proposed classification, make competent management solutions to customers to assess the effectiveness of investment in building activity. The map of investor’s perception of contractor’s position on the market of the construction and installation work is worked out; it enables to carry out the selection of the most effective functioning by the identification of the position of the contractor.

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