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Kashtelyan T. V.
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Belarusian State Technological University,
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Kashtelyan T. V.,
Claster strategy of forestry complex of Belarus: problems of realisation
08.00.05 Economics and Management of National Economy
Issue: Issue 1
Опубликовано: 06.03.2017
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Problems and needs of the implementation of the сluster strategy in the forest complex are considered in the article. It is offered the major approaches in the system of suppliers and processors of raw wood: 1) assurance of interactions of subjects based on the cost coverage, primarily through stumpage fees (direct method, related to the formation of highly productive, ecologically sustainable and viable forests); 2) coverage of all overhead costs for reforestation, forest protection, conservation activities carried out in the “region—industry—enterprise” triad. It is marked that the cluster strategy is the basis for the formation of production system of competitive products and expanded reproduction resources in the framework of constituent entities of forestry.

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