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Климук Е. В.
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Baranovichi State University,
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Klimuk V. V. , Климук Е. В.,
The development of import substitution in the industrial segment: historical aspect and modernity
08.00.14 The world economy
Issue: Issue 1
Опубликовано: 06.03.2017
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This paper presents the process of gradual development of the industry in the territorial aspect. The authors mark out the stages of the pulses of import substitution in the global format. The paper also assesses the role and identifies the stages of the development of engineering sector as the main segment of the dynamics of the world economic system. The analysis of the development of machine building in Russia in the system of indicators is represented here. The authors assess the contribution of import substitution in the development of the economies of the leading countries of the world. The state of foreign economic activity in the context of individual countries for the years 2000—2015 is analyzed and the priority directions of development of mechanical engineering are stated. The factors of the impact on the level of the development of mechanical engineering are grouped.

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