Fee for the publication

The cost of one page in a peer-reviewed network electronic journal "Economic Trends" is 50,000 rubles before the denomination and 5 r. after the denomination.

Articles written by graduate students, doctoral students, applicants of final year education are published free of charge, no matter what organization they represent. Postgraduate's article is considered as an article if a graduate student acts as the sole author or co-authors are all graduate students too. If a graduate student has co-authors who are not graduate students, the article is not taken as an article written by post-graduate students so collaborators are to pay for it. If you are not a graduate student from BarSU, it is necessary to have visa "To edition of review network electronic scientific journal "Economic Trends" on the front page article imposed by a head of the department where the work is done or by the scientific supervisor with the date and the full name.

Articles written by the staff and students of BarSU, as well as articles of the international Editorial Board and the Editorial Board are published free of charge.



Submission of articles: till 25.05.2019, 25.11.2019
Publication on the website: 25.06.2019, 25.12.2019