Editorial processes


Stage passing



The author draws up article for publication in accordance with the "MEMO FOR AUTHORS" section and send in the form of a set of online materials, different for different categories of authors

Materials reach the executive secretary and first Deputy Editor-in-chief


If the article is paid, it is determined whether there are debtors among the authors of the publication (i.e. the debtor, whose payment for the publication of article was not admitted to the university account)

If there are debtors among the authors of the article, the article is rejected without consideration, otherwise the transition to paragraph. 3


Materials for publication are considered from a formal point of view on the completeness and correctness of registration

If completeness of the materials is not respected, this is reported to the author and the article is rejected, or the transition to p. 4


Article is considered for compliance with the formal science criteria by the first Deputy Editor-in-chief, it is determined by the reviewer of the number of the international board and the editorial board reviewer

If the materials are not taken by the reviewer then return to p. 4, the transition to p. 5 нтом не приняты, то возвращаемся к п. 4, переход к п. 5


The article passes internal review

If the reviewer gives a negative opinion, the article is rejected, go to p. 6.


The first Deputy Editor-in-chief sends a letter to the author motivated refusal

Regardless of the reasons for rejection of the article after correcting these deficiencies from reasoned refusal authors may again submit it for publication again (with the exception of cases when the Editor Board to specifically inform the authors of the other). Moreover, all materials of the journal for publication in electronic form must be fully included in the article. Materials for publication, received after the rectification of deficiencies, are discussed by Editor Board in the same way as for the first time received, e.i. from the beginning. In particular, if the corrected materials are received after the closing of the issue, which was originally planned, they will be considered for publication in the next issue. Then go to p. 1 or p. 7


Article is sent to the Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the translation to determine the editor-translator, who evaluates the quality of foreign language

Article is in compliance with the criteria of quality of foreign language. Spelling and grammatical errors are corrected style is edited, the article is sent to the Deputy Editor-in-Chief, then go to p. 8


The first Deputy Editor-in-Chief signs the article "To print", signs the agreement for printing and the agreement on the transfer of exclusive rights. Sends to executive secretary

Executive secretary draws up an agreement to pay for the review. Categories are defined by the Journal Statute, then to p. 9


Article is accepted for publication by the executive secretary

-If the article is published free of charge, the author gets information about positive decision with an indication of the bibliographic reference to the article.

- If the publication is carried out on a paid basis, a positive decision is reported to the author with the bibliographic reference to the article and the receipt on payment for the publication. Then go to p. 10


The author sends the executive secretary scanned version of the receipt payment with the bank stamp payment

If payment for an article is not received on the university account, the authors are placed in the list of debtors. New articles of these authors are not accepted for publication before the payment of prior, then go articles to the p. 11


The Executive Secretary sends the article to a literary editor who evaluates the quality of Russian and Belarusian languages

Literary editor brings the article in accordance with the quality system of the Russian and the Belarusian languages, corrects errors. Next, go to p. 12


Content Manager type sets the issue, prepares a project of released issue for the English-language website of the journal and for international bibliographic databases (RISC, etc.). Webmaster posts projects in these databases

Content Manager sends the webmaster a PDF-version of the issue to be placed on the journal's website


The new issue is published, i.e. All articles are available on the Internet (full open free access)

First Deputy Editor-in-chief sends a memorandum to the Editor-in-Chief at encouraging members of the editorial board



Submission of articles: till 25.05.2019, 25.11.2019
Publication on the website: 25.06.2019, 25.12.2019