Goals and objectives

Journal appointment: quickly and reliably shows the scientific activities of BarSU and other scientific organizations in all major directions according to their ongoing research and development, educational and practical results of teaching and scientific training.

The purpose of the Journal is the development of skills and intensification of scientific research activity through the promotion and practical application of their work in the economic vector of functioning

Objectives in terms of quality of the Journal:

  • Promoting the quality of training in accordance with the strategic directions to ensure the unified state policy in the field of state certification of scientific and scientific-pedagogical personnel;
  • Creation of conditions for open scientific debate and independent expertise, promoting quality enhancementof research, the efficiency of the examination of scientific works;
  • Ensuring compliance of the Journal with the requirements and criteria of the Republic of Belarus HAC which are obligatory to leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, included in the list of HAC of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Improvement of the Journal to ensure compliance with the requirements of international Science Citation Index, in particular Agris, Scopus and Web of Science.

Profit at the expense of paying for the publication of articles is not the goal of the Journal, and the payment will be charged to the authors to cover the costs of the editorial board associated with the preparation of the issue of the Journal, including financial compensation for the performance of work on reviewing.

Journal Objectives:

  • Increasing the scientific and practical potential for economic growth in the micro and macro levels of functioning;
  • Expansion of the communication policy between domestic and foreign scientists on joint scientific research problem-pits, projects, current issues of the practice-oriented character;
  • The formation of the base of fundamental and applied research which is tested by educational institutions, governments and the business community.

To solve the tasks the international editorial council and the editorial board perform the following functions:

  • Receipt of materials and complectation of the next issue;
  • Regulatory control of materials for publication, ie verification of their compliance with the formal requirements arising from the criteria HAC of the Republic of Belarus, RISC, Agris, Scopus and Web of Science;
  • Translation, literary editing and layout of articles and other materials for publication in accordance with the internal standard of Journal's editorial;
  • Publication of articles, ie placement of the next issue on the Russian-speaking and English-language websites of the journal;
  • Registration of all necessary documents and other materials, including in electronic form, and sending issues (numbers) of the journal for registration in the RISC, Agris, Scopus and Web of Science;
  • Development and quality control XML / PDF-projects of the Journal and their placement in the RISC system, Agris, Scopus and Web of Science;
  • Issue printing for the chief editor, the first deputy editor-in-chief;
  • Maintaining paper and electronic files of all issues, projects and documents generated during the work on the Journal;
  • Maintaining the entire documentation of the Journal, timely and qualitative execution of documents for registration in the HAC of the Republic of Belarus RISC, the International Center ISSN (ISSN Centre), Agris, Scopus and Web of Science, in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus, providing journal and publications with necessary status, including the satisfaction of all the criteria for inclusion in the list of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Republic of Belarus;
  • Maintain all necessary negotiations with the representatives of the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Belarus HAC, RISC, Agris, Scopus and Web of Science and other institutions, according to the current issues of the Journal.
  • Organization and quality control of editorial work on planning, timely and qualitative preparation of materials and the development of the Journal;
  • The enforcement of standards, technical specifications and other regulations during the work with the original;
  • Provision of originals reviews in HAC of the Republic of Belarus at the official requests;
  • Design and improvement of the content and program implementation of the Journal site;
  • Communication with the authors on publications;
  • Development and improvement of the Regulations on the Journal and official duties for the editorial staff of the Journal and the control over their execution.



Submission of articles: till 25.05.2019, 25.11.2019
Publication on the website: 25.06.2019, 25.12.2019